Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Qualifying Coaching

Qualifying Coaching

I’m often asked by people what courses do I think they should take. They are considering doing an NLP course but then feel that a qualification in Coaching would be more useful to them; or they tell me “I really enjoy coaching but my coaching training didn’t give me the tools I need to help my clients”.

Many people seem to feel that they need a specific qualification in Coaching before they are able to “be a coach”. When one of my friends husbands was considering taking a course in Life Coaching I was asked to look at the prospectus. What I saw was some very basic NLP techniques. Even though the course was far more expensive than an NLP Practitioner he decided he would be better off with a formal coaching qualification.

After completing his course he found that he didn’t have enough information to be able to give his clients everything they needed and began to come to me for ........................ coaching.

For a few years now I have had similar requests from people who have attended well known coaching schools and yes they are being taught in the basic process of coaching, but without the powerful change tools of NLP.

Obviously if it was only about setting goals and exploring options your clients would already be living the life of their dreams. So what is it that stops them – holds them back? Why can’t they let go of those old patterns of behaviour that stop them from achieve their goals?

I have found that by using NLP techniques in my coaching practice, finding out whats in someone elses map and then coaching them to enrich that map. Enables me to clear any obstacles in their way, helping them change those limiting beliefs which makes goal setting and achieving so much more simpler.