Wednesday, 29 July 2015

First Steps in Hypnosis

Many people once they have attended NLP Training then begin to look at improving their hypnosis skills.  The Wessex College of Hypnotherapy and NLP have created their courses to complement any previous training whilst providing those who intend to become practitioners of hypnotherapy with the skills necessary to become successful working with a wide range of medical, psychological and physical problems.

Whether you are intending to become a hypnotherapist, curious about hypnosis and how you can use it or want personal benefits from trance, the WCHNs Foundation course in Hypnosis is the perfect start to you investment in your future.

A practical eight day intensive course, over 4 weekends, that provides you with a strong foundation including:

Ø  Practical skills covering inductions and techniques for deepening trance
Ø  How to manage the clinical hypnotic experience
Ø  Contradictions for specific techniques and patients
Ø  The power of the unconscious mind, and the use of suggestions
Ø  What constitutes safe ethical practice

Participants will benefit personally as they learn:

Ø  The practical and theoretical skills that will give you a strong foundation in clinical hypnosis
Ø  How to take control of their life with self hypnosis

This unique programme is for personal and professional self-development.

For those of you who want to create a thriving and profitable hypnosis business, this is the perfect first step, followed by the Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma giving you a strong foundation and the ability to deal with any client who requests your help.

This unique course will be held in Wessex, UK follow the link for more details and your application ……

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