Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Over the years hypnosis has been found to be effective in many fields from Entertainment with the hypnotic stage and TV shows, Therapy helping people overcome many problems within their lives and in recent years as a tool for influence in business and marketing.  Many successful business people are attending classes on Hypnosis each year (many of these put through the invoice as influencing skills).

You may be wondering how hypnosis can help in a business context, one reason is that through learning the process and the basic principles of hypnosis it enables you to expand on your own ability to communicate effectively.

People from a wide background including business coaches, sales managers, account directors, accountants and HR executives attend courses to learn how to influence their client base hypnotically each year.  It improves their communication skills; for example personal development, presenting, sales, consulting, leadership and negotiation.  And also teaches you how to build on your intuition and creativity.

The skills you learn within the hypnosis framework map across to business so easily; agreeing outcomes, developing rapport (leading as well as pacing), use of language and the impact of metaphor.  Incorporating hypnotic skills in your business communications will enable you to increase your success at negotiation and persuasion.

Top salespeople seem to have something special when communicating with their clients, they command attention, build trust, their clients respect them and they manage to create unforgettable impressions and to close sales.  How do they do this?  By using conversational hypnosis.  Linguists have studied the patterns within their communication and found top salespeople, negotiators and skilled lawyers all use similar forms of indirect hypnosis; and yet many of these people can not explain how they do what they do.

Many people are surprised to learn that many types of hypnosis occur nearly everyday.  By learning these techniques you can learn how to increase your ability to influence others.  When you communicate a message hypnotically that message is more likely to bypass the listeners conscious defenses.  The hypnotic message goes more directly to the prospects subconscious mind.

Tina Taylor
Licensed Master Trainer of NLP
& Clinical Hypnotherapy

Next Foundation Course in Hypnosis begins September 2015