Wednesday, 11 January 2012

People frequently mistake vocabulary with knowledge

People frequently mistake vocabulary with knowledge thinking that if someone can talk about a subject really well that they must be really good at it.

There have been a lot of discussions recently on the social networks regarding how to choose an NLP Practitioner Course. Now some of you may now be thinking what is NLP? Very simply NLP enables us to understand how our brain works to be able to improve our performance and our ability to achieve our goals; its also an amazing set of tools that will help you influence and persuade with your communications. I attended my Practitioner Course initially as I wanted to be able to use these tool in business and found a whole lot more, its true to say that it actually changed my life enabling me in ways I hadn’t imagined.

An important consideration regarding any training is what do you want to achieve from the course? Once you have decided this it can be discussed with the trainers that you are considering. A good trainer will be able to help you refine and develop this as you work through the course. NLP is about personal development, and the focus of the course should be on you, to help you achieve your goals.

NLP is an experiential rather than theoretical discipline and many people find that it only makes sense once they have an experience of the training. With that in mind it is critical that potential students find out about the calibre and quality of the training, the trainers and their capabilities before signing up for any courses.

Many people, especially at this time have limited funds for training; professional training is measured by the quality of the course and the skill of the trainers. If your choice is regulated by price you can’t expect the same quality as with other courses.

Consider too the size of the class, some group are larger than others and whereas some people will learn in a large group others prefer smaller groups. Also, in the smaller groups the focus is more on your agenda and its easier to get assistance from the trainers.

My advice is to look on line and create a list of those trainers who you are drawn to. Call their offices and assure yourself that you are making the right choice and remember NLP is experiential and someone may be able to talk about NLP, use all the right words but can they actually use these skills. The best NLP Trainers use NLP to teach NLP, leading their students by example.