Monday, 22 March 2010

How Do You Meet Your Clients Expectations

How do you meet your clients expectations of trance?

Many people decide to try hypnosis because everything else has failed them. Some have been to other hypnotists and because of the experience they had think they may not be hypnotisable; others are looking for that magic spell that will just take away their problems.

There are so many misconceptions as to what trance is and how it will feel; and lots of clients learn what they “know” about trance and hypnosis from what they have seen on TV, in movies, or experienced from a stage hypnosis show. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have asked me if I will make them cluck like a chicken.

How do you meet your clients expectations?

If they have been to see a hypnotist previously; I ascertain what their experience was. This way if they had a good experience I know what works and can utilise that; and if what happened before didn’t work for them – I know what not to do.

If this is to be their first awareness of going into trance or they believe they can’t be or haven’t been hypnotised previously I ensure that I find out from them, what they think trance is. So many people believe that going into trance means they can’t hear or feel anything .......... This is the perfect opportunity for you to set up the session, to give a brief explanation of hypnosis and how they may feel; this is also a great time to begin your trance induction. Remembering to utilise those embedded commands; analogue marking and those language patterns.

Just last week one of my clients, who had been to a couple of hypnotherapists previously, said she was worried that no one could hypnotise her. She had obsessive thoughts going round and round in her head; she had told herself repeatedly “not to think ......................”, “don’t do that”, and other helpful thoughts like “I’m going to have this for the rest of my life”. Her mind was so full of thoughts connected with her obsession that unsurprisingly she had no time to focus on her business, her family or anything else.

She hadn’t believed that she had been hypnotised before because she said she hadn’t relaxed, the more the hypnotists told her to relax the more her muscles tensed up; and she had been able to hear everything that was being said and how she wasn’t surprised that this happened because everyone knew how difficult it was to hypnotise someone who was deaf in one ear; and how frustrating that was because she knew that the only way she was to get rid of this problem was through hypnosis.

Whilst discussing these thoughts with her, I began explaining about trance and hypnosis, started to inoculate against misconceptions and began my trance induction and very soon she closed her eyes and went inside. When she opened her eyes she said she felt very relaxed; and was surprised to find that she had had her eyes closed for some time when she thought she had only closed her eyes for a moment. She was even more surprised when she couldn’t get those thoughts back no matter how hard she tried; and said that she had never expected trance to feel so good.

Now going back to those people who ask if I will make them cluck like a chicken – I usually ask them what a chicken sounds like; and when they cluck I say apparently I can. for details on private sessions with Tina and for details of training courses run by Tina with Steve Crabb including NLP Practitioner; Hypnosis and Life Coaching; as well as a Diploma Course ratified by the General Hypnotherapy Council.